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    • Quality, service and environmental responsibility - "Made in Germany". MTS Siegel Made in Germany

    We offer 2 Years warranty including batteries of our lighting systems fully developed and produced in Germany. We offer full support and service directly from us, the manufacturer. We are acting with environmental consciousness from the product idea to the recycling and disposal phase, strictly in accordance to the EU directives for waste disposal for batteries and packaging materials..

    • Upgrade

    Once bought one of our lights, you can always be sure to be able to upgrade your lighting system to the newest generation without paying the the full price for the actual newest light model. We will reward you for your trust in us and investment in our lights!

    • We use materials of highest quality.

    We only use high quality materials, e.g. Aluminum from the aerospace industry, cables from robotics, connectors at industrial quality and the best LEDs and batteries available on the market.

    • Rugged and durable construction.

    The used materials and the method of processing of our lights lead to extremely robust and durable products. Our lights are tested in the industry for accelerations up to 100G Some versions are available with the very high degree of protection of IP68 (Industry Standard!) to withstand the ingress of foreign particles and water.

    • Technology at its best.

    Our self-developed electronic components offer a maximum efficiency and functionality. Dependent on the model they can be programmed or updated by the customer  or by us, and can be optimally modified for different purposes. The electronic components can be linked up, extended by sensors and are available for different input voltage ranges and can thus also be used for more complex requirements and customized lighting systems.

    • Optimally designed temperature behavior.

    Our light casings are optimized for thermal transition and offer the best light output in terms of performance and size, regardless of the ambient temperature and cooling conditions. In comparison to our competitors products  this intelligent temperature control provides the maximum possible performance at any time without any danger to the user (burns, fire hazards) or to the light (damage to the LED or light) itself.

    • Battery technology on which you can rely.

    We are the only lights manufacturer in the market who provides a comprehensive warranty for battery packs of 2 years.

    • Advances in technology and innovative solutions lead to excellent results.

    Our technical concept is often copied but never achieved. Through our consistent development you can always be sure to buy a product that has cutting-edge technology .This is regularly confirmed not only by our customers and test riders , but also by the press.

    • We let YOU decide.

    We do not develop lights for its own sake but according to the requirements of our customers You. At each step of development and optimization, the ideas of our customers and those of our representative athletes will have an significant influence to our process and will help us to continually improve our lights for your advantage.