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    Full Beam 

    Members of the Buller Team tested and rode with the Full Beam lights for several weeks. What we found was that these lights are by far the brightest lights we have ever ridden with. They literally turn night into day and if you are using them for racing, they brought the night laps times closer to your daylight lap times. This is a huge advantage. Easy to use and charge with a solid mounting system. By far the best lights we have used”.

    David Empey                                         


    Bike Buller Team 


    Blake McCauley 

    The lights have been fantastic I used them at the Scott 24 hour where I raced solo single speed , they were super easy to programme the night before and I knew that I was safe having both battery packs strapped to the bike , they were super bright that I ran my head light on low cause the flood from the x-12 was soo good.
     It's a superb light that's super rugged and has an amazing beam pattern best I have ever used and mounting system!

    G'day Anthony,

     I've used the Full beam Fusion Speed LED light and its great. I was blown away with how bright it was. I had another light that claimed 900 lumens but it's just like a dolphin torch with a half flat battery compared to the full beam. I haven't tried the Trail Torch 2100  light yet but i'm sure it will be as good as the full beam.
         Money well spent  Anthony, I'm very happy with the lights.
    Cheers Mick




    I recently raced round two of the GAZEBO series held by Geelong Mountain Bike Club at the You Yangs.

    This is a three hour, multi-lap enduro where the majority of the race is held after dark. In this instance, I can’t stress the importance of quality lighting for mountain bike racing, as it’s a discipline that requires 100% concentration and a lot of nerve to race on ever- changing terrain, this being particularly so after dark.
    With thanks to Full Beam Australia, I was fitted out with three high quality, race ready lights. Namely the Trail LED Halo 6000 Lumen helmet light, the Full Beam Fusion Speed LED 3000 Lumen bar light, and the brand new Nite Flux Red Zone 8 tail light, strapped to the seat post.

    As the race commenced, I settled into a consistent rhythm, probably going a little harder than I would have liked, but pre race nerves had the bunch really putting the power down early. The hot conditions were really felt during this time and I took on a lot of water and electrolyte as the sun was setting.

    As the race wore on, my pit crew, led by Anthony from Full Beam Australia let me know I was sitting at about 30th of approximately 70 riders. Not a very encouraging sign, however I knew the early pace would leave many tired along with the fact that I was carrying some significant light power that was sure to advantage me once darkness set in- approximately twenty minutes from this point.

    If you’ve ever been in the Australian bush at night you will know that it is a very dark place and the silence is absolute. At the half way point of the race, I clicked on my three lights and the trail lit up quite literally like it was daytime. At this point I picked up the pace and made it my objective to begin reeling riders in.

    As the final hour approached, my pit crew reliably informed me I was now sitting in twentieth place, an improvement of ten riders in a couple of short laps. It was encouraging, but still nowhere near the top ten finish I was hoping for. It was now or never. I concentrated on making every corner as fast as I could, the lights blaring into the darkness, allowing me ample time to prepare myself for the coming obstacles.
    With good race preparation and the excellent lights, I finished in 9th place. In the last forty minutes, I had overtaken eleven riders. This excellent outcome is testament to the lights from Full Beam Australia. The Fusion Speed LED combined with the Halo from Trail LED delivered exceptional run times, along with a smooth beam and incredibly wide beam pattern and impressive throw. Quite simply there was no one on the trail that had the quality of lighting that I did with the Full Beam and Trail LED combination. This allowed for some great vision without dark spots appearing on the track. Very confidence inspiring. After the race a number of riders were asking what sort of lights I was running.
    Back off the racetrack, I use the Fusion Speed LED and the Nite Flux Red Zone 8 tail light every day on the road bike. They have not failed me once and I simply can’t emphasise the importance of good quality lighting for vision, but more importantly for safety.
    Anthony De Leo at Full Beam Australia has provided phenominal service; standing behind the great products they offer and will always provide a fast response to my enquiries. This has not only been my experience with Full Beam Australia, but the experience of my friends as well.
    Wether you race mountain bikes or simply commute to work, good lighting is essential. Check out the range at, it’s great to support an Aussie company.

    Tim O'Connor



    Trail LED 


    Liz Smith Australian Women"s 24hr Solo elite champion

    Rotorua, what a place! Nduro put on a great event with easily the best track I have ever raced on! Dense forest and "hero dirt" combined with unbelievably well built trails to make this one to remember!
    Once night came, out came the Trail LED DS light sets and turned night back into day! I couldn't believe the difference these lights made to my night riding. The light they put out made it easy for me to ensure consistent lap times.
    This was definitely a deciding factor in my race, as it was during the night I closed the gap and went on to win the race!
    Thanks heaps for all the help Full Beam Australia
    Liz Smith



    Marisa Bertoia Gu Racing Team

    A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to purchase a Trailled DS helmet light from Full Beam Australia and use it for the first time at  The Mont 24 hour. These lights were extremely powerful, and with five globes, it threw out a massive amount of light down the trail with a wide beam and great centre spot. There was really no need for the handlebar light I had attached. Many riders commented on the brightness, and some even pulled over thinking I was right behind them even though I was still many metres away from passing. 
    One of the things I really liked about the DS was how it attaches to the helmet. It mounts flush on the helmet with a large o-ring, I barely felt it there. I charged the battery between my two night laps (which was roughly one hour) and rode on the highest setting without any loss of charge. 
    I’d like to thank Anthony from Full Beam Australia for supplying me the lights that helped me ride similar laps times during both day and night.
    Marisa Bertoia 



    Luke Pankhurst  member of the Australian U/17 MTB Development Squad

I know it's a bit late, but I couldn't find the words to express how much I felt about my lights. I recently got my new xxx trail led lights from Full Beam Australia and can't believe how amazing they are, they have to be the best lights ever and I'm so happy to have them. I raced with them over the Easter weekend here in Alice Springs for the *easter in the Alice mtb muster* on a night race and although the track wasn't tight and technical I was amazed on how well these lights lit up my path. Thank you Full Beam Australia and Trail LED for hooking me up with these bad boys

      Luke Pankhurst

    Hi Anthony.

     Thanks so much for organising the demo night last night at Lysterfield. I really enjoyed myself and had a great time checking out the fantastic products that you brought along for everyone to sample.

     The stand out product for me was the Trail LED Halo. What a beast. It lived up to every expectation I had about this amazing light. From a practical sense it is probably overkill for my needs but this beast sets the benchmark for where all other companies should be comparing there lights.

     I love my  XXX and am absolutely sold on the XXX/ DS combination. The DS has already been added to my wish list.

     Thanks again to you and your helpers for a well executed but relaxed demo night at Lysterfield. This night is something I will recommend to anyone who wants to try before you buy. Trail LED and Full Beam Australia get a big thumbs up from me.

     Best regards,

     Mike Beeby


    Marisa Bertoia Gu Racing Team on the 2015 Mont 24hr

    Hi Anthony,
    I had a great time at The Mont, and the lights are truly amazing. Running two DS gave me a great night riding experience! Not only did I have 6000 lumens beaming down the trails, I also had a great quality, broad light which made the night riding super easy. Couldn't imagine using any other light, and comparing my lights to other riders, I couldn't find any that could equal these ones. 
    After a win at The Mont 24 Hour in the Female Open Sixes and overall fastest female team, I'd like to thank Fullbeam Australia and Trail LED for their support. 
    Marisa Bertoia



    Hi Anthony,

     Thanks for the follow up. No worries with the Trail LED XXX light set – it’s a beauty as far as brightening my journey. Also, being so light,  it really has made a difference to the weight and balance on my helmet which has lead to less strain and discomfort on my neck. I previously had a Cygolite 700 mounted on my helmet which was significantly heavier and you could feel it pulling your neck whenever and whichever way you turned your head.

     Unfortunately  as the sun is rising earlier as we approach Summer I only get to use it at full beam for about 10 minutes on my morning ride (0530 hrs) before the dawn breaks, then I switch it to flashing mode. And I always use flashing mode on my ride home no matter how bright the sunlight. My only concern is that other cyclists travelling in the opposite direction might find it too dazzling. But I never point the light directly at them.

     I keep showing it to other bike riders and telling them that it’s the best ‘kick-arse’ light around.


     Greg Jenkins



    Erica Galea Gu Racing Team

    Hey Full Beam Australia team!

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support at the recent Mont 24 race. I'm posting one of my night lap pics here that show just how amazing the Trail LED lights are (they say a picture is worth a thousand words). But I'm going to add a few words too.

    The last time I raced this course was just five months ago, and I can't say I enjoyed the night laps, because from a visibility point of view I felt like I really struggled to see. I was worried it was an age thing.

    Thankfully it wasn't age - just lights. What a difference the right lights make! This time around I had a blast on my night laps, maybe because they looked pretty much the same as my day laps.

    So my super-quick review. They may look small, but the light that shines from these is amazing - it really cuts through the darkness. I love the design with the lights sitting flush against my helmet for a couple of reasons - firstly it cast a wide beam of light instead of a single spot and I found this really helped with visibility. Secondly, it makes it less likely I'll take my head off on any low branches (which I've come close to with other helmet mounts).

    Once the lights were mounted on both the helmet and handlebar they were incredibly secure and didn't move even when hitting the rough downhill sections. Always a confidence booster!

    The run-time on high  is fantastic, and the re-charge time is super fast too, which makes them perfect for every style of night riding. The battery is also super lightweight and just slipped into my jersey pocket.

    I had so many people comment on track during my night laps - one guy asked me very politely to not overtake him because my lights were giving him extra light. And finally, I appologise to those I accidentally blinded coming into transition.

    Erica Galea 





    'The Trail LED XXX lights were fantastic.  During the Race Across America we rode our bikes day and night in many remote areas with no street lighting.  The Trail LED XXX lights helped us ride with confidence, regardless of where we were, enabling us to see potholes and debris on the road as well as what was up ahead.  As a result we rode our way to 1stplace in the female teams of 4, breaking a 19 year record.  Thank you Trail LED.'

    Veloroo JA






    What a light at only 142grams!! mounted and run time of up to 12 hours. For the Jetblack 24hour I was able to run my lights on the lowest setting and run the entire night on 2  battery's. This saved a large amount of time in the pits. As I didn't have to mess around with completed straps and cable locks with gloves on in the dark . The light unit has a low profile of 6cm from the top of my helmet  this  stopped me getting hung up on low hanging branches and once more saved time. It is also GOPRO mount compatible so any mounts you all ready have will work with it. The beam pattern is perfect for signal track,smooth, wide  and the light is not harsh on the eyes (no hot sports on the trail ). The output of the light  is a whopping 3000 lumens of power, that is defiantly bright enough for any rock-garden in the wee small hours of the morning.  
     This Light is idiot proof Just plug and ride light system ideal for any 12 or 24hour ride and any other application.
    Dan Baker , Pivot-Quantum Racing Team


    The Upstand 

    Whilst accidents do happen, no one ever likes to drop a bike on the ground. The UpStand gives us peace of mind when we’re out on location taking photos of bikes or when parked up at the coffee shop. It’s quick and easy to attach or alternatively store away in your back pocket for a day of trouble free riding and shooting. A must for anyone who believes that one scratch is one too many.” Alex Malone Cyclist Australia/NZ.


    Hi Anthony

    The stand arrived today and it is fabulous. My bike and I are very pleased. Your customer service was exceptional. Hope the elbow is ok.
    Penelope Ealem


    Hi Anthony, 
    The stand is going great. Don't even notice it on the bike and nothing better than having the stand on it than leaning the bike up against walls or objects. I've been very happy with it. 
    Joe Oliveri 


    Hi Anthony,

    No problem about the upclip…… glad that you are enjoying my photos, as the UPSTAND is just such a cleverest little idea. My partner, who is not into riding as I, has always said "why don’t you cyclists with your mega expensive bikes have bike stands? so you don’t lean then up against walls blah blah blah” and before UPSTAND, I would have just been mortified to attach a bike stand to my bike. So when I showed her your UPSTAND on my bike and said I was buying her one too. She just rolled her eyes and said “WELL YES!!!”


    Nicole Sutton 




    just put on my niteflux red zone 4. amazing!!! can only imagine what the RZ8 would be like. $100 cheap life insurance. Thanks Guys

    Paul Perry


    5 out of 5
    Website Manager Mark (verified owner) – January 18, 2014:

    The BEST bike light I’ve ever owned, and believe me, I’ve been through quite a few. The design is ingenious, so simple, yet adaptable and intuitive.

    So much easier to use than the countless other lights in the same class (although the Red Zone 8 is in a class by itself). I was going to go with a supposedly brighter and higher performance light, but that had a separate ‘light engine’, was more complex, and had more parts to it. This light’s usb charging is easy and convenient!

    Can’t wait to get the White Zone 10 companion light next.


    Full Beam Australia delivers on what they promise.  Passionate about cycling, their lights ( night flux is the one I ordered) perform to perfection.  Great service, prompt and good pricing, I would recommend Full Beam Australia to all of my fellow crazy bike riders!

    Shane Heslop


    Dr Joshua Bye,
    The Niteflux Red Zone 8 is Solid, very bright and multidi-rectional, easy to use, great battery life and fits securely to both my mtb and aero seat posts. I no longer feel the need for two rear lights to be seen well.
    > Josh, self confessed a safety freak


    Hey full beam australia! 

    Just wanted to write in to say how happy and impressed with the niteflux red zone 8 rear light. I knew from the minute i strapped this on the bike that it was a super light. The three modes of steady, night mode and day mode, (both flashing) are all more than adequate for a rider to be seen. I have used mine occasionally on the Mtb but they really come into their own on the road. The throw of the red light not just back, but from the sides and onto the bitumen as well adds a huge element of safety to the light. I have noticed being given more space by cars, particularly when day mode is flashing. The light is extremely versatile with where u can strap it onto the bike, or even better onto your helmet. If anyone were to ask me what rear light they should buy, it would be the redzone 8. I won't be buying anything else. 
    Cheers guys, keep up the great work. 
    Tim O'Connor
    G'day Anthony, 
    Ive given the Red Zone 4 a couple of weeks to get used to it and it still exceeds all my expectations. It's super bright without being blinding, extremely conspicuous day or night, has a truly impressive run time and it's as tough as nails. I love it. Thanks heaps. 
    Randall Oakley
     P.s. I've taken some basic pics if your interested. 
    Hi Anthony,
    Just wanted to let you know that I went out today with the Niteflux Redzone 8 today for the first time. Very impressed with the brightness as well as how well it stayed on the seat post - no movement at all. Great light and would really like to get a whitezone 10 also for the front. I just think it's so important to be seen during the day. Can't quite afford it just yet though. It'll have to wait a little while. 
    Phil Morellini
    Hi Anthony
    Got the Red Zone 4's last week and they are excellent. Thanks so much for the great service and great products.
    Take Care
    Hi Anthony 
    Hope all is well, just a quick message to let you know the Niteflux 8 got to me yesterday & I wanted to say thanks for the great prompt service, thanks for the call to let me know the changes to the model & I am stoked with the light. Top service & I would happily buy from you again.
    Regan Hawea
    Contact Form Submission:


    Just wanted to let you know how stoked I am with my new See.sense rear light.

    I went from using a 35lm light (which from my understanding is about as bright as a car's brake lights) to now using the 125lm see.sense light. This thing is crazy bright. When I use it at night, If I turn my head to the side, I can see the huge circle of red light that the see.sense casts on to the road and the surrounding area - the whole street lights up red. I ride with headphones in but when a car approaches me, the see.sense recognises the car's headlights and starts blinking like some kind of emergency vehicle.

    I'm not sure if it's psychosomatic but I swear that drivers are giving me more room now. I feel very safe with this bad boy strapped to my bike and am confident that I will be seen in all lighting conditions - I even use it in the middle of the day.

    I'm so glad that I stumbled across your website. Exceptionally fast delivery. Will I be recommending you to my friends? Damn straight I will.
    As someone who considers himself a bike light expert with no expense spared for safety on the road, the See Sense 2.0 is the best set of lights I have ever owned.
    After familiarising myself via the See Sense YouTube channel, it was time to buy.
    The claim that they are intelligent is true, they flash brilliantly and alter their flashing pattern according to light conditions and your proximity to cars on the road, brilliant!
    The lumen output is more than adequate for night time riding and low light riding and daylight light is adequate.
    The other great aspect is that you never have to switch these lights off, quite a pain when you are doing a lot of stopping and starting. Just lock your bike up and the lights turn off it seems after about 2 minutes. When you are ready to go again, the lights turn on automatically when you move the bike.
    Please see attached photo's of the See Sense 2.0 purchased from Full Beam Australia, offering brilliant service.
    Paul Kent
    James Downing Cannondale-Enve Racing Team Australia
    Like most cyclists I run a few things on the bars to make life easier for me when on the bike. I have my front light so that I can see, as well as being seen, and I have my bike computer so that I can track what I do. When you load up the handlebars with all sorts of different, funky looking mounts it gets a bit cluttered as the available real estate is quite limited.
    The Morsa Designs Mounting Arm has essentially solved all of my problems in such a simple form that hold both the light as well as the computer. The bets thing about the Mounting Arm is that I can customise where I have the items mounted so that it all looks neat and tidy. This definitely caters for my OCD tendencies!
    As a bonus, I am not limited to just running the light and the computer. I can also fit my action camera to the Mounting Arm in order to grab footage from rides. From an engineering point of view, the Mounting Arm as well as the adaptors are incredibly simple and it took less than five minutes to install and set everything up. That alone seals the deal for me!
    Thanks Full Beam Australia
    James Downing
    Finally I can mount lights to my roadies aero bars without hassle via this Morsa Designs mount. Excellent service Full Beam Australia. Thanks. Tim Van Capelle
    Thanks Anthony,
    No worries at all….I dare say I will probably end up with the entire range over the next little period. 
    More than happy to support in the social media…. They are the most comfortable socks that I have used for training in both for cycling and running. They will be getting a good test in the next week or so with some long runs…lol lol lol.
    Yeah can’t wait to get them, they look awesome. 
    Cheers once again,
    Scott Thomas (Team Brevet)
    Hello Anthony,
    Firstly a belated thank you for the loan of the lights for our ride...really fantastic kit!
    A few words regarding the lights,
    There really is nothing more reassuring than a lighting system you can trust, particularly when you are at the edge of your physical limits. During a recent 24hr team time trial through country Victoria and New South Wales the "my tiny sun" lighting system performed flawlessly and without question is the brightest lighting I have used. 
    Cheers, Scott 
    Drew Ginn (Tripple Olympic Gold Medalist) Australian 24hr Solo Record Holder
    "Its was great having Full Beam’s, Anthony De Leo helping out with lights for the 24hr World Record Attempt. To eventually cover 836km in the 24hrs around Brunswick velodrome was amazing and hard. Things which made it possible were varied but one thing for sure was the great lights from My Tiny Sun on both the TT bike utilizing the Head 1000  and the 2700X on the road bike made a a massive difference to stress levels and ease of focusing during the night. Riding for that long is so challenging but great lights like what Anthony and My Tiny Sunprovided helped get me through." Drew Ginn

    Drew Ginn OAM 
    Hi Anthony,
    Happy with the MTS 2700X light.... No problems at all!!
    Picture above Adelaide last night. The my tiny sun is on my helmet, which is what is lighting up the path beyond my bike! 
    Many thanks. 
    Martin Richardson
    Adam Rolls Spin Cycle Clothing Racing Team
    My Tiny Sun Head 100 Pro and Sport 2700X lights are fantastic! They are light, bright and simple to use. The snap release helmet mount makes it really easy to change the lights quickly and gets you back on the bike with little delay. Thanks guys couldn’t be happier!