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    Welcome to Full Beam Australia

    We are a small Australian company based in Melbourne who have a passion for riding and all things cycling we specialize in unique, hand made and absolute cutting edge bike lighting products and unique cycling products.

    Full Beam Australia was conceived to search the world for unique and non mass produced cycling products. To bring to Australia products that we and all cyclists would be proud to own not just the mainstream.

    Tired of buying mass produced products that lacked the quality,passion and attention to detail that only Hand Made products can achieve, we have started the quest to bring Australia not only unique cycling products but to source products that are cutting edge in performance and fill the void of mass produced products. We only deal with small bespoke manufacturers that offer wonderful service and an even better products that are built to outperform and outlast mass produced products, but still very competitively priced.

    We go further than any other distributor/manufacturer we are aware of when it comes to attention to detail. For example we test every bike light and battery before shipping to make sure the run times are accurate.

    We critically test all products that we source and ask the simple question "Would we own this product"? If the answer is a resounding "yes" then only then will we make them available to all our fellow Australian Cyclists.

    We pride our selves on customer service something so lacking in modern day retail/e-commerce. If you have any questions or suggestions we want to hear them so please contact us.  We encourage you and any of your cycling friends to follow us on this exciting journey as we add new and exciting products. Follow us on Facebook/Instagram and Twitter for all our news and announcements.

    We look forward to seeing you on two wheels.

    We are proudly the Australian agents for the following brands: See.Sense, Upstand, TrailLed, FullBeam Lights, Candlepower Technology, Morsa Designs & Niteflux + more to come. We pride ourselves on only providing the highest quality bike lights and cycling products, Australia wide.